Experiences mark the evangelization of CIAs in Santiago

In the Maranatha Christian Church, located in the neighborhood of Quinta Normal, in the city of Santiago of Chile, about 150 people participated in the evangelization of CIAs (children, intermediaries and adolescents) on October 27, 2018. Before evangelization, many children made serenades around the church, sang with joy and gave invitations away to the special service. The rehearsal resulted in benefits for the children’s homes, where the children continued to glorify God. Pastor José Patrício Navarrete Oñate told us that the children sang two to three praises in the October services and, as a body that lives in communion, the church enjoyed the operation that the Holy Spirit had reserved for the day of evangelization.

Concerned in proclaiming the return of the Lord Jesus, the brethren had many experiences which confirmed the presence of the Lord. Among them, the church witnessed five children spontaneously begin to glorify God in worship. Many thanked the Lord for having a place to sing, for their families in the church, and for the protection they enjoy in the presence of the Lord. The theme of the evangelization was Maranatha which, besides being the name of the church, is a cry of the soul that longs for the return of the Lord Jesus. During the evangelization, children had spiritual gifts, which are gifts from God that provide certainty, joy, and hope.

The evangelization of the CIAs in Santiago of Chile, with the support of the Maranatha Christian Mission, was marked by a dedicated volunteer work, enriched by experiences with God. The result has brought strength to the church established in that region, showing the world that God has prepared a people united to dwell with Him in heaven.

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