International Seminar in Amsterdam brings fellowship to participants

Praise and glory belong to Christ Jesus! With this statement, one of the themes discussed during the seminar by the president of the Maranatha Christian Church (ICM), Pastor Gedelti Gueiros presented the video lesson “Praise” as men must serve God by glorifying and understanding the mystery of the worship to Jesus in the midst of the church. The event also provided very important live classes, such as “History of the Doctrine” and “Communion in the time of Brief” given respectively by pastors Amadeu Loureiro Lopes and Daniel Moreira – both members of the ICM Deliberative Council. The theme “Challenges of Faith” was also taught by the president of ICM, via video lesson. The event took place on November 10, 2018, with 109 participants, in one of our churches, located at Willebroekstraat 60, Amsterdam WE, The Netherlands. As guests, members from the ICM of Brussels attended; pastor Henry Jonkers and members of an evangelical church in Lommel (Belgium); ordained Atle Hatland with his son, from ICM Stockholm (Sweden); a couple from Cologne (Germany); Pastor Pirajara Freitas, of Madrid (Spain); and Ronaldo Bandeira, from Brussels (Belgium).

At the end of the seminar, the brethren watched the video of this year’s retrospective that addresses the celebrations of ICM’s 50th anniversary, the World Supper and special meetings in Maanaim called “United in Family”. This event benefited participants with their children, on a special schedule.

According to reports of Pastor Ronaldo Bandeira, the international seminar brought spiritual revival and deepening in the understanding of doctrines as well as strengthening of the faith to members who, even though they are far from the ICM presbyteral headquarters in Brazil, have enjoyed the same communion in the Body of Christ and are lovingly assisted by missionary pastors through prayers and with the constant support of the Maranatha Christian Mission.

By Andréia Talma
Translation of Júnia Cidade

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