Maranatha Christian Church opens two new locations in Canada

Located near the Capital City of Ottawa and the city of Waterloo, the two new churches in Ontario province were dedicated in December 2021

The month of December has been marked by great experiences and blessings for the Maranatha Christian Church in Canada, with the establishment of two new service locations in the Ontario province. On December 11th 2021, nearly 70 people participated in a special dedication service of the Ottawa Maranatha Christian Church, the Capital City of Canada. And, on December 5th, the brethren in Waterloo glorified God for the opening of a meeting place.

Of the 70 people present in Ottawa, 15 were Canadian visitors that entered for the first time in one of our churches. In Waterloo, there were eight visitors among the 35 participants, and they all testify of a great blessing of renewal in the presence of the Lord, according to Pastor Cesario Sousa, coordinator of Canada region.

“We are amazed as to how quickly the churches in Canada are growing. The Waterloo church has opened with great signs. We have been praying for a few years for the Ottawa region and the Lord has blessed us with a permanent place. We will continue the work visiting families in the North Bay, Sarnia, Gatineau, Montreal and Calgary regions. Praise the Lord for His awesome work in our midst!”, said Pastor Cesario.

Spiritual Growth

The Maranatha Christian Churches in Canada receive the same Sunday Bible School teachings and doctrines, as the other churches abroad. “We are extremely happy with the dedication of the brethren in Canada and with the growth that the Lord has given there. Our people has received a solid spiritual food and has lived experiences with the Living God as they study for the SBS. The advancement of the Work of the Holy Spirit in North America is also a result of this work that has awakened the churches to evangelize and share the riches of the Word”, highlighted Pastor Gerson Beluci Miguel, president of Maranatha Christian Church of America.

In Ottawa, the Maranatha Christian Church is located at 120 Terrence Matthews Crescent, Unit E2, Kanata, ON; with services on Saturdays and Thursdays at 7:30 pm; Sundays at 7:00 pm and Sunday Bible School on Sundays at 10:30 am.

The Waterloo Maranatha Christian Church gathers on Sundays at 7:30 pm, at the Victoria Hills Community Center, 10 Chopin Dr, Kitchener, ON.

By Isabela Pelto