MCC program catches the attention of viewers abroad

The weekly television program “Announcing the Eternal Gospel”, produced by the Maranatha Christian Church (MCC), began to be shown on television channels in Brazil since March this year. Aiming to serve members abroad, the programs began to be dubbed for the MCC channel on YouTube and for some television and radio channels in Central and South America, Africa and Europe. Supported by the Maranatha International Christian Mission (MICM), the regions of Panama, Chile, Peru, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Russia, Ukraine, Israel and the United States, have watched the dubbed program by television or radio. The program conveys biblical teachings backed by the revelation of the Holy Spirit of God. With this, many experiences have been lived by the viewers. Below, are some highlighted to highlight.

Content provide experience compared to a Seminar

Pastor Edilson Rocha, who assists members in Mozambique, a country located in East Africa, said the brothers were having difficulty accessing the program due to the local cost of the internet. Therefore, MCC started broadcasting the program by radio. Thus, members and other listeners and being reached.

“For us, as church, it is as if we have a seminar every week”, testified sister Milena Adalgisa of the MCC in Tete – Mozambique.

Radio SIRT, which broadcasts the program in Mozambique, made a questionnaire to its listeners asking what they prefer to hear from the grid. The program Announcing the Eternal Gospel was the most voted as a result of the survey.

Radio SIRT listeners were used to listening to lyrics and reason (about the Bible). Today, they realize that there is revelation (Revealed Word).” Said Tobias – director of SIRT Radio.

God speaks through the program Announcing the Eternal Gospel

In the Russian language, the program is dubbed by the TBN-Russian television channel. The broadcaster issued a report on the reception and interaction of its viewers, from the period from 07/04/2020 to 08/22/2020. In summary, more than five thousand contacts via cell phone applications, phone calls, website and social networks were received around the program. Among the communications, there are people desiring prayer, encouragement, others thanking, some saying they have been blessed.

Read some testimonials from viewers. Names were deleted due to privacy, preserving their locations in parenthesis.

  • “A very insightful study of the Bible. Good program. God bless.” (Russia)
  • “Thanks for the revelation I found on your program. Precious word” (Lithuania)
  • “I choose to live in the light of the revelation!” (Russia).
  • “It is very interesting to find connections between science and faith. Thank you for the program.” (Russia).
  • “Thank you very much, dear brothers and sisters, for the program. I watched and felt that God is speaking to me.” (Russia).
  • “Thanks for the translation. Pastors say very important things and explain very well. Thank you very much, may God bless the ministry.” (Belarus).
  • “I am watching the program and am very happy that it is in Russian. Thank you for the translation.” (Russia).
  • “I am very happy that the program has sign language translation. I have hearing problems.” (Russia).
  • “A very useful video. Thank you for explaining the Bible and helping to understand it. Be Blessed! Praised be God!” (Ukraine).
  • “A great reflection on the Bible. This opened up a new meaning for me. I praise God!” (Russia).
  • “Thank you for preaching about the faithful Church and the genetics of Eternity. Be blessed by our Heavenly Father!” (Ukraine).
  • “It is the right time to remind people about God and pray that they will know the Lord.” (Russia).

The message of salvation has to be preached

The photo and video were taken two months ago. It shows the program being listened to via radio in Panama, in a state without roads, difficult to access, totally isolated, in the county of Clarim Ngoble, in the district of Ngabe-Bugle. The indigenous community that lives in that location, far from the urban centers affected by the pandemic, is part of another evangelical church, pastored by Pastor Milciado, but has received the assistance of Panama’s MCC for some years, having participated, in previous years, in presential seminars in the church of Panama, in the city of Aguadulce, according to information from pastors Vicente Castilho, Nairom Pimentel and worker Pedro Murtha Lacerda. Following broadcasts from the Program Announcing the Eternal Gospel, pastors in Panama have received calls on their cell phones from many visitors to receive prayer and clarification of the Word of God.

Outside the indigenous village, the program has also had an impact. “A sister wrote to me asking for one of the lessons and praises, as her friend had listened to the radio and was delighted. She wanted the praises to hear at her home, ”said worker Pedro Murtha Lacerda.

The family of a pastor from another evangelical denomination, assisted by pastor Vicente of the ICM of Panama, said that they were feeling abandoned by the church to which they belonged. They started listening to the MCC programs on the radio and were delighted, testifying that the churches stopped preaching the return of Jesus, and that is the message that must be announced.

It is important to note that the program’s premiere is worldwide on YouTube, on the MCC channel, always at 8pm EST (9pm Brazil time), on Fridays, providing access to all regions of the world that have an internet signal.

However, in order to evangelize and provide easier access to its members abroad, MCC continues to seek radio stations and television channels to show the Program Announcing the Eternal Gospel, in order to reach more lives that are thirty for the revelation of the Word of God.

By Andréia Talma

Translated by Sara Abbasova

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