Peru receives missionary trip for Maranatha Christian Mission

“He who carries the precious seed, walking and weeping, will no doubt return with joy, bringing his sheaves with him” (Psalm 126: 6). This Bible verse portrays the feeling and praise of one who carries the Word of God to hearts thirsting for salvation in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. To this end, another missionary trip was held in Peru from November 1st to 13th, 2018.

On November 3, 78 members participated for the first time, in real time, in the classes of the Second Period Seminary, directly from the Maanaim of Domingos Martins (Brazil) of the Maranatha Christian Church, transmitted by satellite to the city of Lima, simultaneously translated into Spanish.

Following the trip, the next destination was the city of Trujillo, which also has its own local Maranatha Christian Church. There was a visit to some homes, participation in the Sunday Bible School and the service, in communion with the brethren. There was also assistance with visits to the brethren’ homes in the city of Casa Grande.

The next destinations were two cities located in the Andes, at 4,330 meters high. The first was the district of Huariaca, located in the province of Oxapampa, on November 8. They performed serenades through the streets of the city center with praises, spoke of God’s love and made invitations to the evangelization service. “There were a lot of experiences on the streets, including a 90-year-old lady who only spoke the Quechua language (indigenous language of South America), but she understood everything I said to her in Portuguese about the Lord Jesus,” pastor Jorge Ferreira Martins said. He also told us that this lady was the first to arrive at the evangelization service. The message of the evangelistic service was about the “brief” moment that the church lives anxiously for the return of our Savior. The service was attended by 67 people, including 20 children and the founder of the city that is 100 years old. The second destination was the community of Pucuruay, on Sunday, 11,where it was held a service that had the participation of 73 people who heard the Word of the Lord.

On the 12th, in Lima, there were more visits in the homes of the brethren and a service of praise to God for the blessings reached in another missionary trip, in which God richly blessed all those who heard and accepted the precious seed in their hearts.

Por Andréia Talma
Tradução de Júnia Cidade

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