Seminary in Bujumbura provides Bible teaching and fellowship to the participants

In a small African country in the populous capital of Burundi, the mini-seminar of the Maranatha Christian Church (ICM) was held in Bujumbura on December 22, 2018 with 500 participating members. Brethren from the area as well as from the village of Gatumba, from the Musaga neighborhood which is south of Bujumbura, from the cities in the southern region of Burundi, Nyanza-Lac (which has two ICM churches), Muyange and Kiderege; and from Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo countries were all invited. The teachers were Pastors Delphin Sula from Bujumbura and Pr Jean Paul Bimenyimana from Nairobi, Kenya. Five lectures took place and started at 10am and ended at around 5pm. The topics covered were “Pleading by the Blood of Jesus”, “Evangelization with use of Spiritual Gifts, “Eternal Gospel”, “Origins of the Faith” and “The Maranatha Word”. Special classes on “Religion vs. Work of the Holy Spirit” and “Reconstruction Time” were taught only to the workers and members of the prayer groups. This latter has the function of praying for all the needs of the church in which they belong. The teachings were transmitted in the dialects Swahili and Kirundi, spoken in Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. When the pastor ministered a lesson in Swahili, a brother translated to Kirundi and vice versa.

As for the teachings shared during the mini-seminar, there was a greater understanding and spiritual maturation of the biblical doctrines on the part of the participants, who were very happy during the whole event. Reports of healing blessings were also collected through the great operation of the Holy Spirit during the lessons. “It was a very good experience of communion with God and with our members of different churches (ICM) of Burundi around the teachings,” said Pastor Delphin Sula, who has already shared with us plans for a new mini-seminar in April 2019, also in the city of Bujumbura.

All participants left with hopes that one day they will hear the last trumpet, which typifies the moment when the Faithful Church will be raptured by her beloved Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Maranatha, the Lord Jesus Comes!

By Andréia Talma
Translation of Júnia Cidade

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