Seminary in Florida edifies many churches

With the support of the Maranatha Christian Mission, another event was held last Sunday, December 9, from 10am to 7pm, with more than 400 members. Participants are from the churches of Orlando, Hallandale, Pompano, Bradenton and Port Saint Lucie. There were also members from churches in Connecticut, the Boston area and the cities of Washington D.C., Las Vegas and Chino Hills. The location chosen for the Maranatha Christian Church (ICM) seminar in the town of Port Saint Lucie was due to its location within easy reach of the Florida church brethren.

The program comprised five classes taught by pastors. Among them, the president of the Maranatha Christian Church, Gedelti Gueiros, through video lessons on the themes “Judgment on the Flesh”, “Life in the Word” and Opposition to the Project of God “, dubbed into the English language. The classes of “Faith in the 5th Dimension” and “Salvation” were face-to-face with simultaneous translation into the local language. The pastors who taught were Amadeu Lopes – member of the ICM Deliberative Council – and Daniel Moreira, Administrative Director of the institution.

A young theologian, present, accompanied by the brethren of Washington DC, was participating for the first time in a seminar held by ICM. “He was particularly amazed at the lessons he learned through video lessons, saying he understood biblical doctrine perfectly,” said Pastor Gerson Beluci.

In parallel with the classes taught to adults, the children, intermediaries and adolescents (CIAs) were also taught. The subjects came from Sunday Bible schools available on the ICM Bible Institute website. During the closing part of the seminar, the CIAs played a special role in singing songs of praise to God.

Another important point in the seminar was the spiritual assistance given to the participants by the pastors during the classes and at the end of the seminar. All were dismissed with the joy of communion with God obtained in the apprenticeships and in the great manifestation of the spiritual gifts that he built and strengthened in their lives.

By Andréia Talma
Translation of Júnia Cidade

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