Mission Amazon ends its edition in São Sebastião da Boa Vista

The last day of social service of the sixth Mission Amazon took place this Sunday, 25th, in São Sebastião da Boa Vista, Pará. It began with the arrival of the volunteers of the Maranatha Christian Mission and of the brethren of the church of the river Umarituba in the Sunday Biblical School (EBD). All of them traveled to the countryside to participate in the event, broadcast live via satellite, from the television studios of the Maranatha Christian Church in Vila Velha-ES. There was also a lesson for children aged 3-7 and 7-11 in a room of the Umarituba River Church, which captured the participants’ attention through didactics and a special message about Jesus’ return. They have learned that they need to be as God’s watchmen, which means heralds of the message of salvation described in the Bible. And they sang, with gestures of praise, the certainty that they will live in heaven with Jesus. Before EBD ended, a supper was held so that all could glorify God by the death and resurrection of Jesus with the living hope of the rapture of the church.

Also in the morning, they held an oral hygiene lecture, promoted by dental professionals, in order to raise awareness and teach the importance of brushing to maintain a healthy mouth. “We did some lipstick marks on Dinoré’s teeth to signal they were dirty. Since the kids had just finished their lunch, it would be more real. During the lecture, I brushed the stuffed animal’s teeth with the brush wrapped in baby wipe, which cleaned them quickly”, as reported the dentist Rísia Lara Malveira. The children were very receptive, interacted and understood the importance of keeping clean teeth. The use of the alligator, known as Dinoré, stimulated the imagination and captured the attention of the participants.

During the afternoon, the volunteers were busy with evangelization in the streets and houses they passed. The brethren of the Mission Amazon took the opportunity to deliver a message of hope to people who needed a special blessing in their lives, with prayer and invitation for the evangelistic service that would be held at night. Evangelization happened with great working of the Holy Spirit who spoke to the hearts of the visitors through the acts of God manifested during the service. Personal assistance also took place after the service with the intention that all would be assisted and would go home feeling the joy, presence and care of God.

This last day of social assistance of the sixth edition of Mission Amazon closes another cycle of missionary trips through the riverside cities, promoted and accompanied by the Maranatha Christian Mission, whose objective is assisting not only with medical-social care but, above all, delivering the message of Salvation that God has for all men.

Por Andréia Talma
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