Read the article about “Bios and faith” in VEJA magazine

“Only through Faith, it is possible to find the answer about the true origin of life and to understand that God created all things. He did not make man only for this “Bios” life, but for the “Zoe” eternal life.

The quote refers to the article “Bios and faith”, published in VEJA magazine this weekend. The article was written by Willer do Carmo Campos Júnior, deacon and member of the Science and Faith group, of the Maranatha Christian Church (ICM), graduated in biological sciences and public health. The text addresses the power of the Lord’s Word in the creation of living beings. The omnipotence of God, who created the heavens, the earth and everything in it, including man.

The content of the article was also the subject of the special program, Announcing the Eternal Gospel, on the TV network, broadcast on Saturday, 05/05/2020, at 7 am.

By Andréia Talma

Click here and read the full article in VEJA Magazine

Click here and watch the Program on ICM’s Youtube


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