Volunteers at the end of the mission with testimony and praise to the Lord

After the sixth Mission Amazon, which carried out social and evangelistic work in the riverside towns of Melgaço, Bagre and São Sebastião da Boa Vista, volunteers returned to Belém-PA on Monday, 26, after six hours of navigation.

During the journey, the volunteers were in communion and with hearts full of gratitude and joy. In the boat, they made a worship service thanking God for all the work done and the experiences that each one experienced. While singing praises there was a great operation of the Holy Spirit, strong and marvelous brokenness with manifestation of spiritual gifts, bringing comfort and renewal to each volunteer. They also meditated on Psalms 126, which described exactly the way their hearts were at that moment: overflowing with joy, as if living a dream. “It was a time of great adoration and praise to our God who worked very much in our midst, who used us, even though we are so small, but called us to transmit the peace and joy that the Lord has given us”, said Thais Rezende, volunteer of the praise group.

After resting during the afternoon in Belém-PA, they participated in a supper service at the Maranatha Christian Church of Mariz e Barros. They praised declaring that until death they wish to carry the message of the cross: words of salvation that produce faith in all men who believe in Jesus as the Son of God. The desire to continue to evangelize needy hearts and the gratitude for the blessings and victories received, officially closed the sixth Mission Amazon.


“It is the sixth mission I take part in as a volunteer physician for the Maranatha Christian Church. Each mission has an improvement in evangelization and social action work. The entire social work team of the mission also participates in all evangelization works (invitations, assistance and prayers). The mission team is a spiritual family and there were many experiences during this journey. The Lord sustained us and kept us.” Sérgio Barrote, cardiologist, volunteer.

“When I close my eyes, what comes to my mind is the close-up of a cheerful little face when receiving a hug from a volunteer teacher; the breaking of a life by receiving a prayer; the joy of a mother when being attended by one of the health volunteers. These are images that before being recorded by the equipment, already form in my heart the reality of this mission. And to express this through a photo is much more than to photograph, is to live and to feel compassion for the reality of each life that we find in this missionary work.” Lucélia Loureiro, photographer, volunteer.

“Taking part in this mission was an extraordinary experience! Thank God for the opportunity. I can’t express the joy of living these days talking about the love of the Lord and seeing people accept Jesus as one day I did and that was my best choice, because the Lord changed my life. Thais Rezende, evangelist, volunteer.

“For us it is a blessing to cook for the volunteers in the Mission Amazon, because they work hard and come back from the streets and the health centers tired, sweaty and hungry. It is way too hot out there. They need to be well fed. For everyone to be in good health conditions we need to be very careful while preparing the food which is always made with mineral water.” Andréia Mercês, cook, volunteer.

“What struck us most was the spiritual blessing that was given in these communities, for many came in search of a dental or medical treatment. But they also received a word of hope from God, because at the end of each consultation the patient received a particular prayer. Many have had an experience with the Lord Jesus.” Poliano Venturim, dental surgeon, volunteer.

“Volunteering in the sixth Mission Amazon was a spiritual renewal, in seeing the Lord’s operation at all times. The visions of the Lord being fulfilled in our midst, the great love of the Lord for us sinners, the privilege of being an instrument of the Lord and of bringing the word of salvation to the Gentiles. Throughout the whole period since the beginning the manifestation of the Lord in our behalf was great, for in the course of cities many barriers arose and the Lord always protected us.” Denise Gonçalves da Silva, evangelist of Breves-PA, volunteer.

“The experience is wonderful in the social field. It is gratifying to help and contribute to the well-being of each riverside community through the mission. In the spiritual field is where we breathe evangelization 24 hours a day, teaching the eternal gospel in order to present the fifth measure that is the revelation of JESUS, our only Savior who in a short time will come to rapture us! Maranatha – The Lord Jesus Comes!” Dário Cézar Barreto Júnior, pediatrician, volunteer.

“I can’t describe what it was like these days. All that the Lord has done, the communion between the volunteers, every work done. I have only words of praise to the Lord for the opportunity to be a part of this and gratitude to each of the volunteers. Soon will come the day when there will be no more farewells.” Ana Carolina Ribeiro, teacher, volunteer

“Dear brethren, I have no words to describe the experience of participating in this mission. It was wonderful! Praise the name of the Lord. May our God continue sustaining you all on this journey towards eternity.” Letícia Feitosa de Paula Fraga, nursing assistant, volunteer.

“These were truly wonderful days, more than a gift from the Lord! Glory to God for all that He has accomplished in our midst!” Maria Clara Batista Costa Ferreira, pharmacist, volunteer.

“May the mission continue in our hearts and may we be missionaries in our cities and churches. The Amazon can also be on our side as we always have someone close to us who needs a word. And let them be good words.” Risia Lara Malveira, dental surgeon, volunteer.

“Dear brethren, this mission has changed my life. I have been in the presence of the Lord for more than 20 years. I have experienced all kinds of experience with the Lord, but I did not know that there was such a part of the work to be accomplished. I had an idea of what it was like because I saw the images and videos of the other missions, but I did not know what a great job that was.” Rosiani Groberio Benenca, nursing assistant, volunteer.

Por Andréia Talma
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Fotos Lucélia Loureiro e Fábio Castro

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