The Maranatha Christian Church (MCC) has a space with the objective of transmitting the teachings of the doctrine revealed by the Lord. They are the Maanains, which work throughout the national territory and abroad.

Currently, there are 60 units, the first of them, the Maanaim de Domingos Martins, founded in the 1970s, is located in a site in the middle of the Atlantic forest, in the Domingos Martins region, 40 kilometers from Vitória. , capital of Espírito Santo, state there MCC originated from.

Maanaim at Governador Valadares. Credits: TV Record

Currently, it has an extension of approximately 126 hectares, 200,000 m² of paved area and a constructed area of more than 30,000 m², with the capacity to congregate up to 4,000 people per seminar every fortnight.

The maanains are also intended for the holding of Maranatha Christian Church events. They are pleasant places, with all the condition so that the members can absorb the learning and the knowledge of what the Lord God has operated in the middle of the Church.

The Maanaim of Domingos Martins, besides a bucolic and pleasant space, is also part of a work incentive to the preservation and environmental education. It focuses on the fundamental strategy for sustainability preached by MCC to its members around the world.

Workshop Ambiental at Maanaim Domingos Martins. Credits: TV Web Maanaim.

Environmental education

The process of environmental education exists in Domingos Martins since its inauguration, with selective garbage collection, correct destination, use of organic material in composting for plants and orchards located on the site.

But in 2014, in light of the scarcity of water, the leadership of MCC also initiated a water sustainability project in the Maanaim of Espírito Santo.

Currently Maanaim’s water consumption is 180 liters resident/day, which corresponds to approximately 637,380 liters per day of drinking water, considering an average population of 3,541 people per seminar.

MaanaimFor this reason, the reuse water treatment station was developed, with capacity to treat 6 liters of sewer per second, transforming this effluent into water in conditions to be reused. All this process is carried out through the Water Treatment Station (WTS) of Maanaim of Espírito Santo.
The procedures, set by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (BATS) 13.969 / 97 as classes 2 and 3, guarantee sanitary water in conditions for use in non-potable purposes, such as cleaning of roads, flushing of toilets and other standardized norms.

Besides being an attitude for the sustainable use of water resources, it also reduces costs and avoids throwing into the environment undesirable chemical products, used in the treatment of water. The sustainability of the planet is one of our fundamental principles MCC.


Forest repopulation

Because it is sustainable in all aspects, the Maanaim of Espírito Santo is also producing a new reforestation work for its small open area, through an environmental education project that has the special participation of children, intermediaries and adolescents of MCC.