CIAs seminar, baptism and Lord’s supper take place in Canada

The members of Maranatha Christian Church (MCC) of Winnipeg, in the Manitoba province, Canada, had a blessings filled weekend, that started out with a baptism on February 29th and ended with a Lord’s Supper on March 1st, 2020. In total, 28 people participated in the activities on Saturday, and 52 were present on Sunday. Pastor Cesario Sousa and anoited Sérgio da Silva assisted the church during the events.

“I fear the Lord”

The brethren got together for the baptism service on Saturday at 3pm. A young Japanese woman testified about her faith and the new life in Jesus, descending into the waters. The event brought joy to the church. After the baptism, the first class of the seminar for Children, Intermediates and Adolescents (CIAs) took place, with the theme “I fear my Lord”.

The teaching was about the behavior of Daniel and his friends, who feared God at all times, even when away from their families. After that there was a message to the Church given by Pastor Cesario Sousa about the “Fourth Trumpet” and the signs which show how close Jesus’ return is, as described in the Bible. “We had 12 visitors, eight of them participating with us for the first time. They were delighted with teachings and doctrines, and were very interested and happy when they heard that the Lord will come soon” said Pastor Cesario. Children, intermediates and adolescents also participated in the second class of the Special Seminar. The teaching was about the testimony of the servant Obadiah, who feared the Lord and was determined to serve him from his youth.

Restored and Renewed

On Sunday morning, the Winnipeg MCC members attended Sunday Bible School. They rejoiced at the presentation of a baby boy to the Lord and the promotion of a three-year-old girl to the children’s class. During the service, Pastor Cesario brought a message about the birth of Samson and the dedication of his parents during his growth, comparing the role of parents today in raising their children in the presence of God. Then, the congregation participated in the Lord’s supper, a symbolic act that recalls Jesus’ death and resurrection, until He comes.

A spiritual feast for believers. “The Lord provided a great blessing for the church of Winnipeg this weekend. Many lives have been restored and renewed. We had a very good time of assistance and the Lord spoke to many there, giving direction and spiritual strengthening. We witnessed great experiences and the glorifications showed how the hearts of those present were filled with joy” added pastor Cesario.

In Winnipeg, the brethren of Maranatha Christian Church meet on Saturdays at 7:30pm and on Sundays at 6pm in a room located at 775 St Anne’s Road (Morrow Gospel church building)

By Andréia Talma

With contribution from Isabela Pelto

Translated by Sara Abbasova

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