Consecration of the ICM hall in Brussels

About 50 people participated in the special consecration service of the Hall of the Maranatha Christian Church (ICM) in Brussels, Belgium, on January 13, 2019. The event was attended by members of ICM Amsterdam worship groups and instrumentalists. During the service, a 25-year-old servant, the wife of a worker, was assigned to serve the Lord as a teacher of biblical teachings to children, totaling four teachers, also targeted at middle classes and adolescents.

Brussels has only this church that has undergone two changes of location recently, both revealed by the Lord. The former hall was at the bottom of a flower shop and was requested back by the owners, which moved the church in an intense search for another place of worship to God. “We had to pray a lot because while looking for another place, everytime we said it was for use by an evangelical church we were turned down”, said Pastor Ronaldo Bandeira, sent to the assistance of the Maranatha Christian Mission.

On August 5, 2018, they received the blessing of the Lord to be able to vacant another room, consecrated on the 19th of that month, in the noble neighborhood of Uccle, a few minutes from the center of the city of Brussels. However, in the course of the services some problems that the hall had were arising, moving the church to worry about the needs of certain renovation. In addition, they had the desire for a parking next to the hall to facilitate access to the services. Seeking God in prayer, they had one more experience to strengthen the church. They we able to move to another hall, at the same address, with everything they asked the Lord, which is why this consecration service was held on January 13, 2019.

According to this moment of change, the text of Haggai (2: 9) was read during the consecration of that last hall: “The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,’ says the Lord Almighty. ‘And in this place I will grant peace,’ declares the Lord Almighty”. The text lifted the spirits of the brethren who were very happy for the victory they received, with a clear certainty that God heard and answered their prayers.

At the time of the assistance to the guests, a visitor reported to the workers that he understood the purposes of God through the biblical message of worship. By the operation of the Holy Spirit, he understood that in this new house, that is, in this consecrated church, he will see the Lord’s glory over his life more intensely than he has ever lived before.

Everyone is invited to visit the hall, located at Charles Bernaerts Street, number 8, Uccle district, Brussels, in the Belgian capital. For the time being, the services are held only on Sundays, always at 11am. The temple is safer and easier to access downstairs, offering a large covered parking space for members and visitors.

By Andréia Talma
Translation of Júnia Cidade

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