Maranatha Christian Church performs service and the Lord’s Supper in Brussels

About 32 members, including three recently converted, attended the service and Supper on November 17, 2018, at the Maranatha Christian Church on Charles Bernaerts Street 8, Uccle district, in Brussels, Belgium. The special moment was very joyful, comprising a period of praises, in which the brethren worshiped God with songs; a biblical message for the strengthening of the church, with encouragement and affirmation of sound doctrine. At the end, the long-awaited supper, celebrated with the distribution of the bread and the cup, both of which symbolize the body of Christ and the blood of Jesus shed on the cross, respectively. This act recalls the time when Jesus sat at the table with his disciples, described in the book of I Corinthians (chapter 11, verses 23-26), to teach the importance of fellowship that the brethren should live in the church after his death.

Currently there is only this church in Brussels, in which the majority of the members are Brazilians who live or work there. According to reports by Pastor Ronaldo Bandeira, sent to the assistance by Maranatha Christian Mission, the work of evangelization in Belgium, as well as in most of Europe, requires much prayer for prosperity due to the difficulties of evangelization. Europeans need to feel the great operation of the Holy Spirit in their lives to believe and to attain an understanding of God’s plan of salvation prepared for all who believe in the sacrifice of their son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

By Andréia Talma
Translation of Júnia Cidade

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