Baptism and dedication of a new church, show the growth of MCC in Santiago, Chile

With the goal of assisting the members of Maranatha Christian Church (MCC) in the city of Santiago, capital of Chile, a missionary trip was made between the 22nd and 29th of February, 2020. Pastors Ubirajara Torres and Ederson Lima, both from São Paulo, were sent by the Maranatha Christian International Mission (MICM) which is responsible for that region.

The following activities were carried out:

On February 22nd, several events took place at the MCC in Quinta Normal neighborhood. First, a mini-seminar, attended by 80 members. In the evening, an evangelistic service with 129 participants. There was also an ordination of pastor Victor Hugo Medina (Chilean) and the dedication of a baby Trinidad Yañez.

February 23rd, in turn, began with events at the Quinta Normal MCC: eight new workers were raised. Soon after, a baptism service took place in Malloco, located in Peñaflor neighborhood, where five members dedicated their lives to Christ and descended into the waters. According to information from Pastor Ubirajara Torres, one of the young women was baptized with the Holy Spirit when she was at the Maanaim de Domingos Martins and, soon after, she had a sign from God to be baptized in the waters. An elderly couple, 75 and 83 years old, had a conversion experience after liberation from addictions and depression, having their lives restored to walk together in the presence of the Lord.

On the night of February 23rd, the prayer services began at the Central Station, close to the land that MCC has in the center of Santiago. Exactly 98 participants, including 20 visitors, witnessed the presence of the Holy Spirit during prayers in the assistance period. The children’s participation was important, with songs of worship to God. A young man who attends the services alone was going through a difficult time and after receiving a prayer, he testified that he had received the peace of God. A couple received a prayer for their marriage and left feeling renewed. A man felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during the assistance period and testified that he received the help he needed. Continuing the schedule, on February 26th, there was a meeting with pastors and workers at the MCC in Quinta Normal with the purpose of praying for the growth of assistance groups and helping visitors to have a salvation experience.

On February 27 and 28, MCC members dedicated themselves to clean and prepare the meeting place in Quilicura. “The place was in a state of neglect, but with the love of all the brethren, we managed to restore it in just two days; only the Lord can work in this great a way” said Pastor Ubirajara.

Finally, on February 29th, they carried out an evangelistic work in the Quilicura neighborhood with serenades and the distribution of invitations with the relevant participation of children playing their musical instruments. At night, there was a consecration service of the new meeting place with about 90 people. MCC members in Chile have been living many experiences with prayer. In this way they were guided by God to find a space in the Quilicura neighborhood.

Previously, the services were held at Pastor Victor Hugo Medina’s residence, but the space was no longer sufficient with the growth of the church. During this missionary trip, visits were also made to the homes of 10 families by Pastors Ubijrajara Torres and Ederson Lima, who had the constant assistance of three Chilean pastors in the region (Rene and Patrício Navarrete and Victor Hugo Medina) in all activities. “MCC grew approximately 5% during the present year of 2020 in Santiago, Chile. With results of six new members and 19 new converts” said Pastor Patrício Navarrete.

By Andréia Talma

Translated by Sara Abbasova

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