Mission Asia Ends with Seminar in Hamamatsu

South Korea and Japan received the missionary work of the Maranatha Christian Church (ICM), from November 21 to December 9, 2018, aiming the growth and improvement of the Work of the Lord in Asia. Ending the activities this Sunday, 9, a seminar took place in one of our churches, in the city of Hamamatsu, Japan, with the presence of 50 people, including visitors. The lessons were Revelation, The Time of Brief, Evangelism and Baptism, Body Sickness, Spiritual Gifts and Salvation – Act and Process. At the end of the event, the brethren attended the Lord’s Supper, a festive service that celebrates the death and life of the Lord Jesus, in which all were strengthened and rejoiced in the presence of God.

The journey began in South Korea with an edifying seminar for the brethren of the church in Seoul on November 24. There was a visit to a couple residing in the city of Pohang, where the conversion of another family took place. In Japan, both the first seminar in Nagoya and the second in Hamamatsu brought edifying information to the members of our three churches, especially to the new converted brethren.

Last Thursday, 6, a strengthening visit took place at Sister Elizabeth’s home in Toyodachô, Hamamatsu city, and was attended by the young Mateus who was baptized in September 2018 by Pastor Ronildo Scherrer. On Friday, the home of Sister Helena and her daughter Harumi was also visited for the edification of both who were also baptized this year.

The service on Saturday night, 8, in Hamamatsu, was a blessing because there was the presence new converted brethren. A young woman who recently arrived from Brazil was deeply touched by the message described in Revelation (Chapter 4: 1), which invites man to know God’s prophetic plan for their life. “She was from a traditional church and she testified to us that she had never seen such a service and a word with such depth. She does not intend to look for another church to attend in Japan, because she will congregate with us”, said ICM missionary pastor Gilson Sousa. After much brokenness during the service, the Lord spoke in depth to her heart. The church has been assisting the young woman who now feels she is part of this spiritual family.

As for the work of children, there is a couple in Hamamatsu who have taken 15 children from their daycare to our services, with the permission of their parents who are from other religions, since the Evangelization of Children, Intermediaries and Adolescents event in October 2018. This last Sunday, 9, they were present at the seminar and Supper. The couple is of evangelical origin and has participated frequently in our services.

Once again another Mission Asia comes to an end with the support of the Maranatha Christian Mission. The work resulted in great blessings, spiritual strengthening of the churches, new experiences, conversions of more souls thirsting for the Word of God and a deep communion with the Body of Christ. May every part of the world enjoy the same hope of one day meeting their beloved Savior in the long awaited rapture of the Church.

By Andréia Talma
Translation of Júnia Cidade

Praise of the children during the supper service in Hamamatsu, Japan.

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