Mission Uruguay teaches instrumentalists in the ICM of Melo

According to the biblical ordinance of praising the Lord with musical instruments, described in chapter 150 of the book of Psalms, a couple from the Christian Church Maranata (ICM) of Jardim Primavera (Jacareí-SP), made a missionary trip to Uruguay, to teach instrumentalists in the ICM of the city of Melo. It began on November 11 and ended on December 1, 2018. The couple also visited churches in Montevideo, in the neighborhoods of Capra and Piedras Blancas.

The congregation of Melo has nine years of existence, 40 members and was in need of instrumentalists. In recognition of this need, Professor Cristina Bernardo de Castro Monnerat, who plays piano, guitar, accordion, flute and transverse flute, married to pastor Carlos Monnerat, who attends the churches of Uruguay, was willing to do volunteer work in this church. She prepared 19 classes aiming to train at least four instrumentalists to play during the worship period.

The first lesson took place on November 11, Sunday, at 4pm, with a brief explanation of the work that would be done and of what is “Music and its characteristics”. Soon after, the practice of teaching the musical instruments began (guitar, flute and keyboard). Altogether, 25 members wanted to learn, but only 15 remained until the last lesson. The guitar students learned 20 praises and the Waltz, Country, Fox and Basic rhythms. The flute apprentices were able to practice six praises. Keyboard students trained five hymns. The last class was on December 1st, 2018.

The result of the trip exceeded expectations. The church of Melo now has two guitars, three flutes and a contralto flute, a bookcase of sheet music and two types of collections of hymns. One in Spanish with praises and chords for the apprentices of guitar and keyboard. Another one with melodies for the instrumentalists of flute. During the 19 classes, there was 100 percent attendance and the highest goal was achieved. Four members are now able to play their instruments during the worship period: guitar (two people), keyboard and flute. “They are starting, playing in a simple way, but they already support the service. They are very brave!” said Professor Cristina Bernardo de Castro Monnerat, who was very happy with the great miracle that God worked in the church of Melo. All the apprentices were moved by the Holy Spirit and were enabled to be true worshipers of God.

By Andréia Talma
Translation of Júnia Cidade

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