Seminar and Supper in Japan notes growth of the Work of God

On Sunday, December 2, a seminar took place at the Community Center of Nagoya City, attended by 60 participants, including brethren who congregate in the Gifu Maranatha Christian Church (ICM).

The seminar classes were led by Pastors Gilson Sousa, a member of the Board of the Maranatha Christian Church, and David Vieira, of Washington, sent by the Maranatha Christian Mission. The topics covered were “Communion in the time of the soon”, “Evangelization and baptism in the waters”, “Work as a way of life” and “Prayer in the time of the brief.” During the event members strengthened themselves by understanding the prophetic moment of the church intensified by communion with God and their commitment to preaching the gospel to all people around them. Always working in the Work of God and praying without ceasing, awaiting the brief return of the Lord Jesus, Savior of their lives.

At the end of the event, there was a supper in glorification to God, in which the bread and the grape juice, symbolizing the body and blood of Jesus Christ, were celebrated as a prophetic moment of joy for the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Work growth and experiences in Japan

In a country where only 2.4% of the population is Christian, according to data from the Japanese Embassy in Brazil, the Work of the Lord has grown. The praise of the faithful church has broken down cultural and rational barriers according to brief accounts of experiences told by Pastor David Vieira. One of them was from a member of the Maranatha Christian Church who was at a train station in Japan and started singing a praise. A woman who listened to him asked him to continue singing, because the hymn was reaching her heart.

Another brother of our church who worked in a car assembly plant had a similar experience. Once while he was listening to worship songs, he was surprised by colleagues who asked him not to turn it off, for the song was also touching their hearts.

Finally, there was also a remarkable experience of a Japanese opera singer who carried a rare disease in vision that would blind her. A group of pastors of the Maranatha Christian Church visited her at the hospital and the Lord Jesus healed her. She herself had a vision of God opening her eyes and turned to the Lord that day. She became part of the church that worships God in Spirit and Truth, who lives with Jesus in this life, with the desire to be with Him in heaven.

With these brief accounts we can confirm that, thanks to the Lord, the gospel has thrived in Japan through the assistance and testimony of the brethren who have announced through their lives the Work that God has done.

Por Andréia Talma

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