Article “Faith and Genetics” was published in the magazine VEJA

“We have thousands of extremely valuable genes in our genome, inherited from our biological parents and that allow our life on this earth. However, faith is the heritage of our heavenly Father, which allows eternal life.” Tiago Campos Pereira.

Teachings about the genetic inheritance of God the Father reveal to man that it is necessary to be born again in Jesus Christ in order to acquire the genetic identity, formed by spiritual characteristics of the Redeeming Work. In the article “Faith and Genetics”, published in VEJA magazine this weekend, Faith was highlighted within the divine genome that man can receive from eternity. “Therefore, the Bible teaches us that, by accepting Jesus as our only and sufficient Savior, we receive eternal life.” Said the author of the article, Tiago Campos Pereira, deacon and member of the group Science and Faith, of the Christian Church Maranata (MCC), graduated in biological sciences, master and doctor in genetics and molecular biology, with post-doctorate from the University of Cambridge.

The content of the article was also the subject of the special program, Announcing the Eternal Gospel, on the TV network, broadcast on Sunday, 05/10/2020, at 2 pm.

Click here and read the full article in VEJA Magazine

Click here and read the full article in VEJA Magazine

By Andréia Talma

Translated by Sara Abbasova

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