“Chimerismo and faith” were covered in VEJA magazine

Another article from the “Science and Faith” group of the Maranatha Christian Church (ICM) was published in VEJA magazine. The relationship between Chimerism and Faith was the title of the article that leads the reader to understand the power of the Blood of Jesus, universal donor who gave his life on the cross for the love of the world.

“In this article, we will apply the action of blood in the biological body, with all its benefits to maintain its life, comparing it with the redemptive action of the blood of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, in the living body of the faithful church, the Body of Christ. ”, Quote from the author of the text, Miguel Faria Lima, deacon of ICM.

The content of the article was also the subject of the special program, Announcing the Eternal Gospel, on the TV network, broadcast on Saturday, 04/26/2020, at 7 am.

Click here and read the full article in VEJA Magazine

Click here and watch the Program on ICM’s Youtube

By Andréia Talma

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