Evangelizations and medical care during the last day in Bagre

T he last day in Bagre, 22, began at dawn with a moment of prayer in the hall of the Maranatha Christian Church. The volunteers interceded for blessings on the trips and activities that will still be carried out during the sixth Mission Amazon. They also participated in the prophetic worship of the day, a moment in which they seek the Lord to manifest his will through spiritual gifts.

Soon after, a group went to the streets of the city making evangelizations to passers-by, in schools, shops and houses, noting and living the blessings that God had shown for that day. A lecture on oral hygiene was held at the Municipal School of Early Childhood Education, to children up to 7 years old and their teachers, who participated with great attention and joy. The volunteer Ramon Costa de Lima told us that many teachers, hearing what God had revealed, identified and confessed that God speaks and has spoken to their hearts. There was also the distribution of the kits of oral hygiene and a leaflet characteristic of the Maranatha Christian Church, which brings a message of hope and salvation.

One of the groups of volunteers received an invitation to sing at the Radio Marajó, whose broadcast reaches the entire island. Arriving on the radio, in addition to singing praises, Pastor Marcus Campolina delivered a biblical message of love, providing refreshment and peace to listeners.

Medical and dental appointments were also carried out at Veterano and Paraíso health centers, as well as in a mobile unit. In total, 80 general practice, 25 gynecology, 70 pediatrics and 35 cardiology consultations were made. They also performed 30 ultrasound exams, 330 nursing appointments, 78 procedures and 50 consultations by three teams of dentists. “Preventive and curative dentistry procedures were done, because we have a very good structure of equipment and materials. In addition to the support of an ASB (Oral Health Assistant) in each of these health centers, “said the dental surgeon, Poliano Venturim. During the consultations and procedures, the volunteers were also able to witness the fulfillment of the signs shown by God at dawn.

As usual, there is always opposition to the work of God. However, the missionaries united in prayer and were able to see the Lord “opening the doors” by granting them the victory of holding the closing service at the county’s sports court. The service had the participation of 275 visitors, during which praises and message brought peace, joy and above all, salvation. Finishing once again the passage of the Mission Amazon in the municipality of Bagre, in which God has accomplished great things through the work of the Maranatha Christian Mission.

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