Mission Amazon assists Melgaço focusing on Vila Capinal

The lack of sanitation, health, work and low education for those living in the municipality of Melgaço makes this one of the most precarious places to live in Brazil,.according to data from the IBGE referring to the HDI (Human Development Index). And this was the first place chosen to receive medical and evangelistic assistance by the Maranatha Christian Mission during the sixth edition of the Mission Amazon. The activities began on Monday, 19, with the division of the volunteers into two teams, one to assist the urban area and another one specifically to the Vila Capinal community. This place, located in the rural area of Melgaço, with a simple appearance, atentive people, a few houses, precarious health center and a small school, but houses about 300 families in need of assistance. After three hours of navigation, the intended team began working around 08:30 and finished at about 18h.

During the day there were evangelizations at the houses, streets and schools of the urban zone with some approaches in Libras (Brazilian Sign Language) so that the word of God would reach all people. At Vila Capinal, there were medical and dental appointments at the Raimundo das G. dos Santos health center, with the distribution of medication and special work for the children awaiting care. “They received teachings of the Word of the Lord, we taught worship songs and also gave a workshop of oral hygiene with the distribution of a kit consisting of brush, paste and dental floss,” said the president of the Maranatha Christian Mission, Pastor João Evangelista Cidade Neto, who accompanied the work done in the rural area.

At the end of Vila Capinal’s evangelistic day, 778 appointments were counted, including nursing, cardiology, general practice, pediatrics, gynecology and dentistry procedures. 170 medical prescriptions were made,510 medications were distributed and 464 were applied. In the urban area, all volunteers participated in the service performed at the Maranatha Christian Church. The communities of Melgaço have received this work with joy and gratitude, just like the feeling and dedication of the volunteers who have practiced the biblical command to love their neighbor, described in the book of Matthew (22:39), making themselves available for attending places so deprived and in need of the blessing of God.

Por Andréia Talma
Tradução de Júnia Cidade
Fotos da zona rural: Fábio Castro
Fotos da zona urbana: Lucélia Loureiro

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