Baptism, medical care and Lord’s supper mark the arrival of the Mission Amazon in Bagre

At dawn on Wednesday, 21, the volunteers embarked with their belongings in the boat that supports the sixth Mission Amazon. They sailed for two hours from Melgaço to Bagre, singing and praying with the certainty that they would also be victorious in the next destination. Bagre is a riverside town, located in Marajó Bay, also marked by low life expectancy, lack of sanitation and medical care.
Arriving in Bagre, a baptism was carried out, in which four brethren were baptised, three of them from the city of Breves, which also receives assistance from the Maranatha Christian Mission. Water baptism is a biblical act, oriented to those who accept Jesus in their hearts and desire to have a new life in His presence.

Also in the morning, after the accommodation of the volunteers, there was a meeting with the Municipal Health Department to define the medical procedures. There were 109 consultations, among them general practice, gynecology, cardiology, pediatrics, dentistry as well as ultrasound, oral cleaning, extraction and dental restoration procedures.

At night, the church hall was filled with visitors. There was also a supper, especially for the baptized brethren, who would participate for the first time in this prophetic act. Supper is a spiritual feast that takes place in special services, in which bread and grape juice are distributed to all who are baptized in the waters. The elements served testify, respectively, the body and blood of Jesus who died on the cross and had his blood shed to save the sinner. “The Lord spoke a lot to the church during the teachings. We witnessed people declare that they want to serve the Lord, it was remarkable” said the volunteer and photographer, Lucélia Loureiro.

After the service, there were many prayer requests. It is worth mentioning one which three guests were very happy with the biblical message. Touched by the Holy Spirit, they gave their lives to God and confessed Jesus as their only and sufficient Savior. “Two of these three guests were young men who were reached with signs and clearly understood that the Lord spoke to them,” said the president of the Maranatha Christian Mission, pastor João Evangelista Cidade Neto.

The baptism, accompanied by the Supper, brought joy and strengthening to the brethren of Bagre, noting the growth and consolidation of the Maranatha Christian Church in this region.

Por Andréia Talma
Tradução de Júnia Cidade
Fotos de Lucélia Loureiro e Fábio Castro (Drone)

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