Evangelization of the CIAs in the river Umarituba leaves fruits of salvation

[fusion_dropcap boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=”” color=””]Maranata means “The King Comes”! In ancient times this word was used by the herald to inform the people that the king was returning victorious from the war. Similarly, today, we await the return of King Jesus, our Savior. Therefore, Maranata is the cry of the church that loves and eagerly awaits the return of Jesus. With this understanding, about 60 children (3 to 7 years old), intermediaries (7 to 11 years old), adolescents (11 to 15 years old) and 35 adults attended the evangelization service on October 24, 2018, at the Umarituba River Church on Marajó Island, Pará, to proclaim Jesus’ return.

In the days before the event, members of the Maranatha Christian Mission visited some families as a way of inviting to the service. When assisted, after special service mentioned above, they reported that the teaching transmitted about the prophetic signs is current and points to the return of Jesus. One of the families even confessed that they “understood the importance of attending cults and, especially Sunday Bible schools,” said Pastor Danilo Israel.

The evangelistic work in some riverside towns on the island of Marajó, in Pará, such as São Sebastião da Boa Vista, Curralinho, Breves, Portel, Bagre and Melgaço, began in November 2015. The assistance continues through services, baptisms and meetings, in which many lives have been saved. Currently, the Amazon Mission of the Maranatha Christian Church has also been going through this region with the intention of offering medical and spiritual assistance. The next one, the 6th Amazon Mission, will be held from November 18 to 26, 2018.

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