“Faith – The Missing Link” published in the magazines VEJA and ISTOÉ

“A faith that reaches you and takes you out of the way of blindness and death. This Faith is, therefore, the link lost by disobedience and today, by the Holy Spirit, it is established as a foundation to link man from the creative universe to the redemptive universe, which is the foundation of the journey of the living Church.”

The quote is from the pastor and member of the Science and Faith Group of the Maranatha Christian Church (ICM), Tarcísio Nunes Teles, author of the text “Faith, the Lost Link” that addresses the timeless meaning of faith, from eternity, spanning centuries and the story. Understanding and acting in life since the creation of the world, not entering human reason and being something beyond the laws of physics, with the clear and evident revelation of the Redemptive Work of God. The latter, projected in the salvation of humanity by the Son, Jesus Christ, who again links man to his Creator, by Faith.

The content of the article was also the subject of the special program, Announcing the Eternal Gospel, on the TV network, broadcast today at 7 am, with replay tomorrow at 2 pm. The text was published in two magazines: VEJA and ISTOÉ. Read the full story on the links below.

Click here and read the full article in VEJA Magazine

By Andréia Talma

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