Mission Amazon arrives in São Sebastião da Boa Vista-PA

In the middle of the Amazon rainforest, in order to get access to the riverside cities, roads are like rivers and cars are like boats. And it is like that, sailing, that the whole course of the sixth Mission Amazon is being carried out. This Friday morning, 23, at 11am, volunteers will sail four hours between Bagre and São Sebastião da Boa Vista, in the Marajó islands, the last point of the social and evangelistic assistance.

After lunch, they embarked for Vila Raquel, a community located in the rural area of the municipality. The first medical and dental consultations began at the local health post, coming up to a total of 119 consultations and procedures. Even with limited physical structure and no electric power, the medical team of the Maranatha Christian Mission began working. “We found people who had never received dental care,” said surgeon Poliano Venturim. In the midst of medical procedures, the evangelists seized the opportunity to speak of God’s love and delivered a word of salvation to patients and prayed for their lives. Salvation is a divine act that leads men to believe, by the Word of God, that Jesus Christ is the only and sufficient Savior, dead on the cross to provide men with eternal life.

At night, everyone attended a church service pastored by Pastor Miltinho, on the Umarituba River, which the Maranatha Christian Church has been attending. The children sang and made gestures of praise to God; a biblical message of strengthening and encouragement was given to the brethren; and there was assistance to visitors, through prayer with the laying on of hands according to the need of each life. The volunteers returned to the urban area of São Sebastião da Boa Vista, full of blessings of joy and encouragement, to rest after another day of work. They left with the certainty of a heart always willing to do the Work of the Lord Jesus.

Por Andréia Talma
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