Riverside houses of the Umarituba River are visited by the Mission Amazon

T he second day of social and evangelistic assistance in the rural area of São Sebastião da Boa Vista continues on Saturday, 24th, focusing on the riverside houses built suspended along the Umarituba river. The volunteers were divided into three groups and visited 23 families using small and distinct boats, popularly known by the residents as “rabetas”. They delivered a biblical message of love and salvation to these homes. Even though they had difficulty accessing the houses, because of the lack of physical structure to connect the boats to the houses, the volunteers made every effort to fulfill the missionary objective. They witnessed the great operation of the Holy Spirit in favor of the need of these simple and humble families. They even evangelized a group composed mostly of children, teaching and praising with the childrens’ song “Maranatha, Jesus will soon come”. The King Comes is the meaning of this prominent Hebrew term, which biblically represents the time of the brief. Imminent return of King Jesus, Savior of all mankind, who will come at any moment to seek his church.

At the same time, medical care was carried out at the Vila Raquel Basic Health Unit. Consultations with cardiologist, pediatrician, general practitioner, gynecologist, dentists and nurses of the Maranatha Christian Mission were carried out. There was a total of 571 consultations, among them, surgical-odontological and nursing procedures. “The most prevalent diseases are Parasitosis, Anemias, Diarrhea, Pediculosis, Mycoses and Malnutrition”, according to reports of the pediatrician Dário Cézar Barreto Júnior, who has attended on average 60 children a day. Near the health unit, there was a group of children who received the volunteers of the sixth Mission Amazon. It was remarkable how eager they were to hear a word from God. Volunteer teachers sang and taught childrens’ praises and how intercede, which is a biblical act of petition, in which every man can speak to God through prayer. These gestures of love made the children happy with the presence of the volunteers who treated them with great affection.

At dusk, the volunteers again joined the church of the river Umarituba, with the local community. They praised and meditated together on the rich and wonderful revealed messages of the Word of God.

Por Andréia Talma
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